4 Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Leaking Or Dripping Water

If something is causing a leak, it is best to identify where it might be coming from. Many household equipment are capable of causing leaks, such as your shower tap, sink, and your air conditioner too. However, should you find that your air conditioner is suffering from the leaks or drips, you should act quickly.

The first thing you should do is to contact a professional company providing aircon cleaning service. They can help you put everything back in order. However, it is best to get to the root of what could be wrong with your air conditioner.

To help you out, here are a few reasons why your air conditioner is leaking or dripping water.

Drain line clogging

One of the main reasons why air conditioning units leak and drip water is due to drain lines being clogged. As you might deduce from the name itself, the drain line links the air conditioner to the drainpipe on the outside.

Should the water leak from the front, it could mean that the unit was installed wrongly. This is seen from windowed air conditioners, which could be shifted to the front when installed improperly. To prevent leaks, the aircon unit should be reinstalled outside.

Air filter becoming dirty

Not many homeowners know that a dirty air filter can cause the air conditioning unit to break down and start leaking. This is a reason why air filters need replacement from time to time as it blocks the flow of air in your unit.

This leak occurs in a simple process where the air close to the evaporator coils becomes too cold. The coils freeze after and ice forms inside the air conditioner. When the heat from the exterior comes in, it causes the formed ice to melt, hence the leak or drip.

When the pump breaks down

A broken pump can impede the draining process of the water from the overflow pan to the drain line. When this happens, the overflow pans will retain the water until it is unable to hold it any further. This forces some of the water out through drips or leaking.

To check up on and confirm if the pump is indeed broken, you might need to pour some water into the overflow pan and see if it spills out onto the floor. Once you’ve proven that the pump is the problem, you will need to call professionals for a replacement.

Poor installation

When you install your air conditioning unit inappropriately, you can force a leak or a drip. This is why it is recommended that you employ professionals to connect your device. If you intend to do it yourself, you should look up step-by-step guides, though it is not advised. You can always make use of aircon servicing deals and ensure that you get the right professional help for your air conditioner.

You can quickly tell if the problem is poor installation when you notice the leak a few days or weeks after purchasing your air conditioner. Most units might stay on longer before developing such issues.

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