All You Need To Know About Aircon Chemical Overhaul

If you’re residing in Singapore, you would be familiar with the hot and humid weather here. As a result, most homes, offices, and commercial buildings are thoroughly equipped with air conditioning systems to cover almost every inch of indoor space.

However, air conditioners do malfunction from time to time. Due to the accumulation of dirt, dust, and other particles, aircon devices are prone to decreased efficiency and even breaking down if they are not cleaned and serviced regularly.

Thus, regular aircon maintenance is crucial to keeping your aircon performing at tip-top condition. When you call for aircon maintenance services in Singapore, they typically have packages for regular cleaning, or once-off cleaning overhauls like the chemical overhaul. While all these methods may seem to serve the same purpose, they bear important differences. Read on to find out more about aircon chemical overhaul versus regular aircon cleaning.

What is Aircon Chemical Overhaul?

Aircon chemical overhaul is a major cleanup process for air conditioning units that are not functioning properly due to a massive buildup of dirt and dust in the unit. Usually, these units have not been cleaned or serviced for a long time, and show signs of malfunction such as inability to cool the room, generation of excess noise, and water leakage. Thus, to restore the functions of the aircon unit, a chemical overhaul is required.

The chemical overhaul is a sophisticated process involving a total dismantling of the unit, chemical cleaning of each component, lubricating fan parts, and refilling of the refrigerant gas. If necessary, any defective parts are also replaced, and the unit is reassembled. The whole process returns the aircon to its optimal condition, allowing it to work almost as good as new.

The difference between chemical overhaul, chemical wash, and routine servicing

It is important to note that chemical overhaul, chemical cleaning and routine aircon servicing are all different processes. Routine aircon servicing will only involve the essential cleanup of key components in the aircon unit, such as the filter and condenser coil. Aircon servicing should be conducted regularly, such as every six months, to keep the aircon running efficiently.

Chemical cleaning is a more thorough cleanup method where the professionals remove the filters, condenser coil, water trays, and other parts of your AC and wash them with chemical solutions to eliminate dirt and dust. This is conducted whenever there is an excess buildup of dirt and dust in the aircon unit, which requires a total cleaning to restore the unit’s function.

Adding to that, a chemical overhaul involves chemical cleaning, in addition to replacement of faulty parts and a total recalibration of the unit. As expected, this can be a relatively expensive process, and is not supposed to be conducted regularly. Rather, it is for units that have been used for a long time without being serviced. Depending on the health of your air conditioner, a chemical overhaul can be an excellent way to give your aircon a new lease of life, extending its lifespan.

Now that you have a deeper understanding of the different types of maintenance services for your aircon, you will be better informed in making a decision for your aircon unit. If your aircon is showing signs of water leakage, inefficient performance, and strange sounds, it might be best to go for a chemical overhaul. If your aircon is still working fine, you should consider taking preventive care for your aircon by taking up a regular aircon servicing package. To make your money’s worth, search for Singapore’s aircon servicing promotions to find the most value-for-money aircon servicing packages.

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