An Essential Guide To Servicing Your Air Conditioner

An aircon is a vital requirement for most homes and spaces today, and this is evident in the rising number of individuals who are installing it in their areas of residence. These devices help to regulate the temperatures inside homes to ensure optimal comfort for the homeowner. An efficient aircon equals better productivity, and this is why aircon servicing is essential. Most people have little to no information about Singapore aircon servicing, and that is why this guide is present to help you through. For you to service your aircon without trouble, you must observe the following:

Ensure the aircon’s filter is cleaned

The filter of an aircon is an integral part that needs constant maintenance and cleaning for the device to operate at optimal condition. A dirty and faulty filter causes the aircon to consume more power, making it uneconomical for the user. This is in addition to shortening the lifespan of the aircon device. It may also start to trigger allergies for users. The filter is located close to the return air duct and may be reusable, depending on the model of the aircon machine. In the case where it is reusable, clean using water and return it to its original position. If it is not, then you need to visit the nearest store to buy a replacement for it.

Make sure to clean the condenser

After handling the filter, it’s equally essential that you clean the condenser as well. Start by raking out the debris and dirt, then clean all the stuff that may cause a hindrance to the coil. After you are done cleaning externally, you also need to focus on the inside parts. Note that you should be very careful in cleaning interior regions due to the presence of sharp metals that can lead to severe injuries. If you are not sure of the process, you can always consult a professional or better still pay for aircon servicing in Singapore to take care of it for you.

Clean the return air grill of the aircon

The air grill of your aircon is a sensitive part to clean, and it will be more effective to do it using a vacuum cleaner rather than with your bare hands. In case you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, a soft brush can also do the trick, leaving the device sparkling clean. As a precaution, turn off the thermostat before you start so as to prevent dust from getting into the air supply while you are doing the cleaning work.

Get professional maintenance occasionally

It is brilliant that you can do the job by yourself and still get it done well, but it is always essential for you to get professional maintenance once in a while. You may save a lot by doing the job by yourself, but a professional may spot problems that you aren’t able to during your cleaning process. Every once a year is the right timing for a professional to come and do a full system overhaul. This will also save you money since the costs that you will incur for replacing parts that weren’t maintained is much higher. Make sure to find a suitable aircon servicing package in Singapore so you can save on costs.

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