Discover The Undeniable Benefits Of Regular Aircon Servicing

Gone are the days when air conditioning units were considered luxury items. Considering the tropical climate in Singapore and wide availability of aircon systems in the market, aircons are almost a necessity in every home. In the public space, virtually every shopping mall and commercial building are equipped with the cooling systems.

However, despite aircons being a priority for many building and homeowners, many often sideline the need for regular aircon servicing. They often wait until it’s too late – when the aircon is malfunctioning – to call up an aircon company for help. Rather than doing this, the best way to go about making sure your aircon maintains its optimal function is to sign up for regular aircon maintenance services.

If you are not yet on an aircon servicing package, these benefits of regular servicing will convince you to sign up for one immediately!

Improve the cooling effect

When your aircon has not been cleaned for a while, you may find the air starting to feel less cool over time, even though you set it at the exact same temperature. This is due to the buildup of dirt and dust in the aircon components. To ensure your aircon continues to do its job of providing cool air to you, you should enlist the help of professional aircon technician to clean your aircon every once in a while. In Singapore, an aircon servicing package will include routine cleaning services at affordable rates. If your aircon has not been serviced for a while, though, then it might need the stronger treatment of an aircon chemical overhaul.

Lower electricity bills

There is no denying that aircons are big eaters of electricity. However, when you don’t service your aircon regularly, you make your aircon consume even more energy, which does no good to your utility bills. The loss of efficiency is due to the buildup of dirt and dust in the aircon, which blocks the filters and makes the aircon work harder to perform its function. Thus, regular maintenance of your aircon helps to lower electricity bills as it cleans out the aircon and makes it work more efficiently.

Save your aircon from serious damage

People often ignore minor problems that arise in their aircons, such as leaking water and excess noise. However, if you don’t service your aircon at the earliest signs of malfunction, the situation will only worsen and become harder to fix down the road. Accumulation of dirt and dust can lead to more severe problems like freezing and a total breakdown. These problems are potentially more difficult and expensive to fix, and in some cases, be totally irreparable. To avoid incurring these extra costs, you should keep your aircon maintained regularly.

Get clean air

One purpose of investing in an aircon is to enjoy fresh, filtered air. However, aircons that are not maintained well will be clogged up with dust and dirt particles, and could breed mould and bacteria. Letting a dirty aircon run will only lead to you and your family breathing in air that is filled with contaminants. This runs the risk of causing respiratory problems in the inhabitants of the home. To let your family enjoy healthy, clean air, you are advised to service your aircon regularly to keep it free from pollutants.

These are more than enough reasons why a regular aircon maintenance service is necessary for every home or building with aircons. For extra cost savings, opt for an aircon servicing package, which often comes in a year-long contract. In Singapore, aircon chemical overhaul services are also offered by most companies. This can be conducted once a year, or on a once-off basis for aircon units that have not been cleaned for a long time.

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