Handy Tips To Cut Down Your Air Con’s Energy Consumption

Air conditioners consume a lot of power, no doubt about that. Especially in Singapore, where the weather is warm all year round, it is common to see air conditioners operating daily. As a result, users can unknowingly rack up costly bills and contribute negatively to the environment.

To minimise this problem, it is crucial to know how to cut down the energy consumption of your air con unit. This can be achieved in a few ways listed below:

Regular servicing

If you think servicing is only needed when your air con malfunctions, you can’t be more wrong. Air con servicing should be conducted routinely even if you think your air con is still working fine. The professional technicians are able to help you recalibrate your air con and perform routine cleaning. They can also detect early signs of wear and tear or problematic components in your air con, thus saving you the trouble of calling them down again later when your air con unit stops working. For reliable and timely aircon servicing in Singapore, it is advisable to look for an aircon servicing package that works for you.

Be kind to your thermostat 

Your thermostat is where you control the temperature of your aircon unit. Some users have a habit of changing the temperature at their every whim and fancy, however, this is not good for the air con unit. The air con has to work harder to reach the sudden changes in temperature that you request. Thus, to save on energy consumption, it is recommended that you set the temperature once when you turn on the unit. Thereafter, any changes should be made gradually, rather than drastically. If your air con has an automatic thermostat, it can help by adjusting the temperature according to the temperature of the room, using less energy when the room is already cool, and only boosting its usage when the room is warm.

Keep heat sources away

The air con unit works by detecting the temperature of the room and cooling it down in response. If there are heat-emitting objects near to the thermostat of your air con, it will overestimate the amount of cooling it needs to perform. To reduce energy consumption of your air con device, it is best to keep heat-radiating objects away from the appliance.

Keep your air con clean

The air con has many components, but they have one thing in common: they don’t work so well when they are dirty. Be it your condenser coils or air vents, the air con works best when it is kept clean. Dirt and dust have a tendency to build up and clog up the system, blocking airflow and causing your air con to work harder to blow out the same amount of air. To avoid this problem, you can clean some components of your air con by yourself using a vacuum or a cleaning solution. However, if you prefer to let a professional handle it, you can engage air con servicing for routine cleaning, or an aircon chemical overhaul.

Avoid costly energy bills and reduce your impact on the environment by maximising the efficiency of your air con today!

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