Helpful Tips For Sustainable And Efficient Aircon Use

The cool breeze from air conditioners is always a welcome respite from the scorching hot summer weather here in Singapore. However, the irony is that aircons are energy-hungry appliances, which also means they contribute significantly to detrimental effects on the environment.

The question is: How can you enjoy cool air from your aircon while slowing down the heating of the earth? You will be heartened to know that it is indeed possible to cut down the energy consumption of your aircon and reduce the carbon emissions from your aircon use. By making a few adjustments to your aircon system and usage habits, you can be on the road to using your aircon more sustainably.

Use the fan

In the first place, you don’t need to use the aircon all the time. On cooler days, a fan may suffice to cool down your room adequately. Even if you need to turn on the aircon, a fan can be used in conjunction to help circulate and cool down the room. Studies show that when used together, aircons can operate with less intensity, and the overall energy consumption of both devices is less than if the aircon were to operate alone.

Raise the temperature

Most aircons today come with a thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature of the aircon. Rather than cranking the temperature to its lowest possible, use it wisely to cool the room to what is just comfortable enough for you. Usually, a temperature of around 24 to 25 degrees Celsius is acceptable to most people. The National Environmental Agency reports that a difference of one degree can mean savings of up to $25 a year in energy bills.

Put your aircon at the right place

Aircons cool in response to the temperature it detects in the room. Thus, if your aircon is placed near to heat-emitting appliances, or at a spot where it bears the brunt of the afternoon sun, it is likely to overwork itself to cool the room to your desired levels. In addition, placing the aircon above cupboards or other bulky items can block the airflow, causing you to set the temperature lower to achieve your optimal temperature. The ideal spot for a wall-mounted conditioner is an unobstructed one at least 2 metres above the ground and lengthwise in the centre of the wall.

Choose aircons with energy-saving ticks

In Singapore, the most significant energy-consuming electrical appliances, namely televisions, dryers, aircons, and washing machines, are regulated by a labelling system that informs users of the appliance’s energy efficiency. To ensure you purchase air conditioners that are designed to be energy-efficient, you should look for aircons with 3 or more ticks. In doing so, you will be assured that the device itself is optimised to work efficiently while using less energy.

Maintain your aircon regularly

Aircons require regular servicing to keep it in tip-top condition. Aircon maintenance services will keep your appliance clean and working optimally so that it can churn out cool air efficiently. If you already have air conditioners in your home that have not been serviced for years, fret not! In Singapore, aircon chemical overhaul services are widely available to help you thoroughly clean out your old air conditioner and restore it back to health. To help you keep your aircon maintenance right on schedule, you might find it helpful to sign up for an aircon servicing promotion which includes a year-long contract at a discounted rate.

There are so many ways you can cut down on your aircon’s energy consumption to do your part for earth and your energy bill. Take these simple lifestyle changes today, and use your aircon sustainably!

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