How Often Does An Air Conditioner Need Servicing?

We all know what role the air conditioner plays in our lives. Not only is it responsible for maintaining a cool temperature in our apartment, but it purifies the air and ensures that the air we breathe is pure and free of dust and dirt. Of course, no one wants their AC to stop functioning or give poor performance. That’s the reason why most of the commercial and residential units regularly liaise with aircon maintenance services.

According to experts, your air conditioning unit is highly likely to lose approximately 5% of its total efficiency if it isn’t serviced and maintained regularly. Now, inefficient AC leads to poor performance as well as a high electricity bill. That said, it is quite important for homeowners to hire aircon maintenance services and get their AC serviced and checked at least once a year. Before we learn how often your air conditioner needs servicing, let’s have a quick look at why AC servicing is important.

Why You Need to Service Your Air Conditioner Regularly?

To deal with the humid and warm climate, you turn to your air conditioning unit. The last thing anyone would want is the AC that either doesn’t perform well or has stopped functioning at all, especially in the summers (when you need them the most). The main advantage of regular AC servicing is that the professionals will look into all the components and the overall functioning of your system and figure if everything is working properly. From checking the air filters to the condenser, professionals will make sure that your AC is giving a fine performance.

Sometimes, the problems that appear common turn into a big mess if left untreated. Unless you are fine with paying a hefty fee to get your AC repaired in the future, you must opt for regular servicing. Let’s see how frequently you need to get your AC serviced.

How Frequently You Need AC Servicing?

Whether or not you notice a problem in your heating and cooling system, it is essential to contact aircon maintenance services and invite professionals to check your system. If at all necessary, you may even request for an aircon chemical overhaul to get it checked thoroughly. You may not notice but the air panels and condensing coils are sometimes filled with dust and dirt, making it harder for your air conditioning system to deliver purified air. The harder it works, the more energy it consumes. In fact, the efficiency of the unclean air conditioner is reduced by 5% every year. As a result, you end up paying a hefty energy bill.

What is the Cost of AC Servicing?

If you hire professional aircon maintenance services, you can expect the servicing cost of around $70 to $100. The best part is the AC servicing companies often replace the air filters, increasing the efficiency of your system. Overall, the cost of servicing is far lesser than the AC repairing service fee.

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