How Should You Choose An Aircon Company For Your Needs?

It’s normal to invest a few thousands into installing a whole-new air conditioner system in your home. However, it is easy to forget that air conditioners, just like any other appliance, face signs of wear and tear as it ages. Despite the substantial initial cost, aircons still need to be maintained regularly to upkeep its optimal functions.

While you may think that maintenance fees for your still-functioning aircon are a waste of money, it might actually save you more in the long run. In Singapore, aircon maintenance services are affordable, especially if you get it done under an aircon servicing promotion contract. Compared to the costs you incur for repairs or a replacement when your aircon breaks down, regular maintenance costs are well worth it.

Whether it is for aircon maintenance or repairs, choosing the right aircon company is also crucial. The right choice ensures that your aircon does not suffer further damage and that you get your money’s worth. Here are some tips to help you find an aircon company that works:

Know your aircon

Before you call up any companies, get familiar with your air conditioning unit. Check the maintenance history, the model, brand, and year of purchase. While most aircon companies serve a variety of aircon brands and models, some companies are limited as to the brands they work with. It would be safer to check with the company if they have the experience and tools needed to service your particular model of aircon, just in case your aircon model lies outside their area of expertise.

Sound out the reviews

Any business would promote their services by painting a stellar picture of it. But to get a true picture of the quality of their services, you need to ask the people who have engaged them before. The easiest way to do this is to look for reviews of the company – this can be easily done online now, with countless review sites like Google reviews, Yelp, and Facebook. You can also consult your friends and family for those who have had good experiences with aircon companies. If there are a number of good reviews and recommendations, chances are, the company is worth your try.

Go for experienced companies

Experienced companies that have been in operation for a long time are usually a better choice because it means that they must have done something right to be in business for so long. Their years of experience give them the know-how to respond to a variety of problems. A well-known company will have a reputation to uphold, and hence have better measures in place to ensure high standards of service.

Check their certifications

In Singapore, aircon installation must be carried out by a trained installer to ensure the safety and quality of the installation. The Building and Construction Authority in Singapore (BCA) conducts training and licensing for aircon technicians. The same goes for other aircon services as well – it is best to hire aircon technicians that have certifications showing their training and expertise. This helps to ensure the quality of their services. Reliable companies are usually willing to display this information readily either on their website or upon request.

Choose a company with insurance

Insurance for aircon companies is there to cover the cost of losses in the unfortunate event that further damage is caused to your aircon, or if anyone is hurt during the course of aircon servicing. When you choose a company that is insured, you can have peace of mind knowing that any accidents will be the responsibility of the company and not you. Thus, wherever possible, it will be advisable to select a company with an insurance plan.

Whether you are looking for an aircon servicing plan in Singapore, or aircon chemical overhaul services, these steps will help you find the right aircon company for your aircon needs.

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