What Qualifications Are Needed To Service Air Conditioners?

To qualify, you must go through the set standards; otherwise, you will not be a professional in service. You need to have the Singapore workforce skills qualifications (WSQ) in aircon servicing and installation for you to have a chance at doing the groundwork when it comes to servicing. The following are some of the skills that you need to learn if you aim to service air conditioning devices: Maintenance and installation skills [...]

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The Importance Of Having An Air Con In Your Office

Even though an office is a place for business, it is essential to make it as comfortable as possible for employees to ensure maximum returns. Having an air conditioner installed is one of the ways to achieve that. You may consider it a waste of money or an unnecessary added expense to your business, but here are some points that will prove you wrong. Eliminate wastage of working hours If the office [...]

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An Essential Guide To Servicing Your Air Conditioner

An aircon is a vital requirement for most homes and spaces today, and this is evident in the rising number of individuals who are installing it in their areas of residence. These devices help to regulate the temperatures inside homes to ensure optimal comfort for the homeowner. An efficient aircon equals better productivity, and this is why aircon servicing is essential. Most people have little to no information about Singapore aircon servicing, [...]

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What To Inspect Before Buying Or Renting An Apartment

It might be time for you to move from your current residence into a new one. Or maybe, you are finally getting the chance to possess your very own home. Getting a new apartment can be very exciting but also challenging. You may have found an apartment that has the space that you need and also fits within your budget. But there is a lot more to check in any place that [...]

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The Dos And Don’ts When You Have Air-con In Your Room

If you live in a really hot area, having AC in the house can be a blessing in disguise. You don't have to be outside all the time, and you can even enjoy a nap in peace. However, if you are new to having one, you may find yourself making mistakes that will cost you a pretty penny to fix. Some of the things you should and shouldn’t do: Dos include Before [...]

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How To Maintain An Air-Con For Maximum Service

Having an air conditioner in your home or office can make a world of difference in your life, especially when the weather is hot and humid. Just like any other mechanical equipment, an AC needs to be looked after well so that it remains serviceable for a long time. However, you don't necessarily need to call a technician to do aircon servicing in Singapore every time you want some of the things [...]

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Simple Improvements You Can Make For A Cozier Home

Every house should feel like a home; however, this is not always the case. You may find that you don't want to go back to your house because it feels cold and uninviting. Making a few home improvements on your own can solve this. These changes can be as simple as: Painting Colour can make a massive difference to any home. You can try out colours that blend well together for an [...]

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How To Tell If Your Air Conditioner Needs To Be Replaced

Air conditioners can last for years. They cannot, however, last forever. As time passes, issues in the air conditioner will start to appear, leading to a breakdown eventually. While the signs of aircon issues aren’t always too obvious, they are still there, especially if you know how to look. When there comes a need to make a decision between a complete replacement of the aircon or a simple aircon servicing in Singapore, you [...]

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How To Choose The Right Room Air Conditioner

For the best efficiency, you’ll need to make sure that your room air conditioner is fit for where you’re going to use it in. If it’s too big, or too small, then your operating costs will be much higher than you’d like it to be. Follow these tips to help make sure that you choose the right air conditioner for your room. 1. Calculate the Size In general, you’ll want at least [...]

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Why Should You Hire An Aircon Service

The air conditioner in your home requires regular servicing as it is the key to ensuring that your aircon is working properly. With proper servicing, the aircon won’t be taking up unnecessary electricity, meaning that there won’t be a surge in your electricity bills. More importantly, the air conditioner will function safely because, with regular servicing, the system of the aircon will remain in perfect condition. What’s more, routine servicing of the [...]

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