Why Should You Replace Or Repair Your Aircon When It’s Time

Servicing an air con is often a straightforward operation if you know exactly what needs to be done. Some parts need replacing while others require repair works. Distinguishing these parts requires basic knowledge which you can get here. It is ideal to repair parts, but it is also appropriate to know when it is time to replace. Components such as filters generally are in need of either replacement or repair, depending on the particular device that you have. The following are some of the benefits obtainable from repair and replacement, separately.


Saves on costs

As much as you spend on buying the part you are replacing, in the long run, you will end up saving more than you would even imagine. For one, you can replace the whole unit if for instance it has lived more than ten years and the repair costs are shooting above 50% of the original value. Again, replacing the entire system will ensure that power consumption goes down through better efficiency; this saves your money a lot.

The benefit of warranties

A warranty is typically attached to a new air con unit, and it accounts for any repairs during the period of its existence. If you have an air conditioner that has lasted several years and is costing you much when it comes to repairs, then it would be wise to buy another unit and save on the repairs. This is because most of the servicing and repairs will be catered for by the warranty.

It comes with the benefit of convenience

You cannot argue with the fact that an old air con unit has parts that might be missing in the market. Therefore, it would probably take much of your time and money to look for these parts to do necessary servicing. That is why buying a new unit will save your time and money, thus offering you convenience.


Boosts efficiency

Repairing parts on your device that have stopped functioning or have malfunctions will help to improve its lifespan on top of increasing productivity. When you fix these parts, you might realize that there’s no need for replacement of the whole unit. The only parts that you might need to replace include the filters which are not supposed to last too long.

Saves on costs

Sometimes buying a new unit is not the only solution. You might realize that repairing a few parts or hiring an aircon servicing team to come over might have been the solution to your problem as opposed to purchasing a new unit. Also, this is a way of saving you money since a new air conditioning unit is costly.

It is ideal for newer systems

If an air con device has lasted for several years and requires repair all the time, then buying a new one is a good idea. However, if your system is still new, then it beats logic purchasing another one while you can repair.

In summary, there is a thin line between repair and replacement and this is something that you need advice from an expert. Remember that there is always the 50% condition, and this states that if the replacement vs. the repair of your device equals half its value, then a repair might be your best option. Be sure to pick the right aircon servicing package in Singapore for your needs to be addressed in a proper manner and at an affordable price.

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