Why You Should Never Run Your Aircon Without A Filter

So, your air con filter has been damaged, but you can’t live without turning on the air con. Should you use the air con without the filter? The short answer is yes, you can. Your air con will still work and blow out cool air. However, the truth is, you will be putting your health and the health of your air con at risk. Here are some reasons why you should not run your air con without a filter:

Effect on air quality

The first thing you will notice when your air con operates without its filter is that the air quality will deteriorate. The filter’s purpose is to trap dust and small debris from the air, ensuring that the air that is blown out is clean. Without a filter, particles that are sucked up by your air con are re-introduced back into the air when cool air is pumped out. As a result, the air quality in the room will be negatively affected. For the device, accumulated dirt could potentially clog the system and cause serious malfunctions. For users, reduced air quality could pose a problem for people who are sensitive or allergic to dust.

Effect on ductwork

Air cons contain a system of aluminium tubes called the ductworks. These ducts are responsible for releasing cold air into your home and have small crevices that aid in collecting debris. Without a functioning filter, excessive amounts of debris may gather in the ductwork and cause a build-up of moisture. This creates a conducive environment for mold and bacteria to grow. A mouldy air con unit will blow out mould spores, which not only will smell unpleasant, but will also be detrimental to the health of those exposed to it.

Damage to freon tubes

Air cons work by sucking in air from your home and then blowing it across copper tubes filled with chemical coolant. This results in condensation over the tubes as the warm air is being cooled. When the air con operates without a filter, debris that enters gets stuck on the wet pipes, over time forming a coat of debris. As can be imagined, a layer of debris will make cooling less efficient as the coolant is now partially insulated. As a result, the air con unit will not perform optimally, and you will find the air being emitted being less cool than it should be.

Damage to condensate drain

The condensate that forms on the freon tubes drips onto a pan-like surface called the condensate drain that drains out of your home. This is how a functioning air con should dehumidify the air in the room. However, when a filter is not present, dirt and debris clogs up the condensate drain and prevents moisture from effectively leaving the air con unit. As a consequence, the air con unit will eventually suffer from water damage, which will cause leakage into your home, and a decrease in function of your air con.

It is definitely not advisable to use your air con without a filter, seeing the adverse effects it has on both the air con unit and on the health of its users. To avoid complications resulting from accumulated dirt and debris, you may need an aircon chemical overhaul to thoroughly clean out the unit. Do engage the help of air con servicing in Singapore to conduct such services or relevant repairs. You won’t have to look too far for an affordable air con servicing promotion, we promise!

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