Why Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Working And Ways To Fix It

Air conditioning units, like any other machines, experience occasional malfunctioning caused by wear and tear, electrical fault, or interference from external factors. The problems that may cause air conditioners to stop working are of a vast array. Some of the common types of malfunctions are highlighted below with brief details on how you can try to fix them:

The A/C unit will not turn on

If your air con is not turning on at all, you should suspect a problem with the power supply. There may have been a power trip or a blown fuse. The first thing you should check is your electrical supply. Is the unit plugged in? Are your other electrical devices working? If the problem is not with the power supply, you can then turn to the air con itself and investigate the cause. Check if any parts are running when you turn it on, and which parts are not functioning. Doing so will aid in isolating the problematic part of the air con.

The A/C unit seems not to be cooling air

A common problem is when your air con is powered and set to the right temperature, but the air it expels is not cold enough. This may signal a problem with the condenser. The condenser may be clogged with dirt that results in it being unable to cool air properly. In this case, the filter should be removed and cleaned thoroughly before being reinstalled. Excessive dirt buildup in your air con is also a reminder to keep the surrounding area of the air con clean.

If you have cleaned out your filter and the problem persists, your air con may be suffering from something more serious. Issues pertaining to the compressor or coolant of the air conditioner need to be investigated by a professional. It is advisable to engage the services of your local aircon servicing in Singapore to help you fix the issue.

Thermostat not set right

Sometimes, the air con seems not to be cooling the room to the correct temperature. In such cases, the thermostat of the unit may have been placed in an inappropriate area of the room. The thermostat should always be placed in an area of the room that accurately captures the average reading of the room. As such, take note not to leave the thermostat in the direct path of the sun, or near other heat sources like other large electrical appliances.

Air conditioning fans not working

You have turned on your air conditioner, and you hear it running, but the fans are not blowing out air. This is a scenario in which the fans may have malfunctioned. The problem may be with the fan motor or damaged blades. Issues with the fan should be handled by a professional air con service.

Another possible scenario is when the evaporator coils have frozen over. Resulting from a clogged filter, the limited airflow causes the condensation to freeze on the evaporator coils. Consequently, the airflow is blocked even more. Cleaning or replacing the filter, and cleaning the surface of the evaporator coils can rectify this problem. As packages offering aircon chemical overhaul in Singapore are priced reasonably, it is best to let professionals do the job for you.

Air con units may malfunction due to various reasons. When your air con cannot satisfy your need for cool air, it means it’s time to check out the available aircon servicing packages in Singapore for a list of professional and affordable options.

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