3 Superb Aircon Servicing Promotion Packages In Singapore

It is a huge misconception that skipping on regular aircon servicing is saving you money. In actual fact, it is the opposite, by doing so you are not cutting down on your expenses because a larger sum of money would be required should your air conditioner malfunction.

We understand that regular aircon maintenance and servicing can be costly. Therefore, we gathered 3 outstanding aircon servicing promotion packages that you should definitely try.

1. Repair and Installations  

Under Singapore’s tropical weather, our air conditioners are usually kept switched on for long hours. Like us humans, machines and equipment also require regular breaks and time to recharge and repair themselves. If you constantly switch your air conditioner on and do not provide it with occasional maintenance and servicing, it will eventually slow down and malfunction.

With Airple’s repair and installations promotion package, you can get your air conditioner serviced at an affordable price. The package include the washing of various air conditioner parts such as front panel, drain pipe and fan coil.

The ideal time frame to receive general servicing for your home air conditioner is once every 3 months, and monthly for commercial units.

2. Chemical Wash

Chemical wash is where the unit is disassembled and each part is meticulously cleaned and washed thoroughly. Chemical wash helps to remove stubborn and persistent smudges and stains, as well as dust that has been accumulated.

Chemical cleaning is recommended to be carried out once every 6 to 12 months. The procedure is also encouraged to be carried out as soon as there is a deterioration in the air conditioner’s performance. Unpleasant smell, immoderate noise and leakage are other crucial signs that your air conditioner requires chemical cleaning.

At Airple, a promotion package of $60 per unit and $50 per unit for 2 units and above is currently on-going. In addition, there is a 30 days warranty against water leakage.

3. Chemical Overhaul

Chemical overhaul is necessary if your air conditioner has not been thoroughly cleaned for a long period of time. In the event where chemical cleaning is ineffective in mending the condition of the unit, chemical overhaul will be required. Generally, chemical overhaul is carried out when the air conditioner’s performance is deficient and faulty.

The promotion package for chemical overhaul is at $120 per unit. For 3 units and above, each unit costs $110. The package also comes with a complimentary refrigerant top-up and 90 days warranty.

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