5 Telltale Signs That Show You Need To Replace Your Air Con

Are you stuck in a dilemma about whether or not to purchase a new air conditioner system, or to continue sticking with your current unit? Are you also spending a fortune on aircon maintenance services?

If you haven’t yet, it’s time you considered looking into your air conditioner and make an assessment on whether or not you would need to make a replacement.

Here are some of the telltale signs that you need to note when replacing your air conditioner.

When your air conditioner unit is over 12 years old

The average life expectancy of a cooling unit is up to 12 years. If you currently own an HVACC system that is soon to be 12 years of age, and you have yet to encounter a single issue so far, you might have gotten lucky with a good air conditioner. If you are entering the 12th year of your unit and it is already presenting several problems, you should take this opportunity to supersede and replace your unit.

With constant progression in energy efficiency, newer air conditioner models should contain more benefits than before. This makes the switch to a new air conditioner when your previous unit has reached the end of its life expectancy one that is worth it.

When your air conditioner experiences breakdowns

One of the simplest ways to note if your air conditioner is having a breakdown is by looking into how often it breaks down. Before you decide on an aircon servicing package, you should make judgements to see if a newer air conditioner unit would better serve you. If you are spending more on multiple check-ups for your unit every couple of months, a new air conditioner unit might be the fix you need.

The rising cost of aircon maintenance services

Take a look into the cost of servicing your air conditioner. Are you servicing more often recently? Would it have been better had you used the total expenses from every servicing into purchasing a new air conditioner unit?

If you are making calls to aircon maintenance services and your unit doesn’t seem to be improving, the best option you have it to supplant your air conditioning unit.

When you spot temperature inconsistencies

Another telltale sign that your air conditioner needs replacing is the temperature irregularities that are present in your home. The best way to detect these inconsistencies is by checking if your air conditioning unit is having trouble keeping your home fresh with cool air, or if it is unable to maintain a steady temperature.

However, before hastily deciding to purchase a new air condition system based on temperature inconsistency, be sure to contact an aircon cleaning service. You never know when your unit is merely suffering from issues such as dirt accumulation.

When there’s an increase in your utility bill

Check your utility bill. They can give you detailed information on whether or not your air conditioner needs to be replaced. Are there significant spikes in the past month regarding your electric charges? It could be a telltale sign that your air conditioner is no longer working effectively to carry out its responsibility. That’s when you might need to consider an aircon chemical overhaul to thoroughly clean the whole aircon system by dismantling the various parts and replacing them with newer ones.


Is your air conditioner unit showing any of these telltale signs? While some units may only require aircon maintenance services or just a call-up to an aircon cleaning service, other units with the signs above might have reached the end of their unit’s lifecycle and would need to be replaced.

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