8 Steps To Keep Your Air Conditioner Working Effectively

Living in Singapore is excellent. However, it can become unbearable primarily due to moist and hot conditions. To be able to cope with the warm and humid living conditions, it is essential to have a proper working air conditioner in your house. Of course, you can always hire aircon cleaning services in Singapore to help clean your air conditioner. Despite this, there are steps you can use to keep your air conditioner working effectively. Here are some of them.

Disconnect your air conditioner from the power source

Before you call up an aircon maintenance service, it is vital to disconnect the power source. This is to protect you from circuit shocks when trying to open up the air conditioner. Unplugging the air conditioner is the best way to protect you from shocks.

Remove the fan cage

After ensuring that the air conditioner is safely disconnected from the power source, ensure that you remove the fan cage. This can be done with the help of a screwdriver. By removing the fan, it gives you a broader space to remove any debris inside.

Focus on the fins

Take a vacuum cleaner and ensure the removal of dirt. Once that is done, you can use a hose to spray the fins and remove the located dirt. Avoid using a high-pressure valve as it can damage the fins if it is too strong. If the fans are filthy, you can begin an aircon chemical overhaul. After cleaning the fins properly, make sure to check if any fins need to be straightened out.

Level the unit

After some time, the cushion, which the condenser unit sits on, can be unbalanced because of dirt underneath it. Having an unstable air condenser unit can cause the blower inside to malfunction. Ensure that the air conditioner unit is balanced and use spoil safe shims to level it out.

Evaporator coil cleaning

Currently, it presents an ideal opportunity for you to deep clean your air conditioner. To make it easier, you will need to find the evaporator coil entryway. You may need to evacuate some foil conduit tape and unscrew a couple of screws of fasteners in the process. Once inside, make sure to tidy up the curl. You can begin to splash the loop with an aircon chemical overhaul. Thereafter, you can pour a solution of bleach and water, mixed equally down the evaporator coil.

Clean the plugged evaporator drain

Be sure to find the channel line that leads into the evaporator drain. It is mainly a one-inch PVC pipe, found in either black or white. After you have located the evaporator drain, you can use a wet or dry vacuum to clean up the evaporator drain.

Replacing the old blower filter with new blower filter

The blower filter should be changed at least twice per year, six months apart. If you live an especially dusty zone, you may need to change the blower filter much more frequently. First, you would need to locate the blower filter and carefully unscrew it. Take out the old blower filter and proceed to replace the new blower filter. When you are done, ensure that the new blower filter is screwed in placed.

Connect the air conditioner to an electricity source

Once you have completed your aircon cleaning services, you can repeat the steps in the opposite order, connecting the electricity last. Make sure that everything is fitted in the right place before turning it on. In the case that your conditioner doesn’t work as intended, you can call in a professional aircon maintenance company to fix it.

While making sure your air conditioner is in tip-top condition is the topmost priority – spotting for any great aircon servicing deals will ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth! So, get the best of both worlds and keep your eyes sharp when browsing online for aircon repair services.

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