Enjoy These Benefits When You Service Your Aircon Regularly

In Singapore, air conditioners are treated as a necessity rather than a luxury, especially with the warm and humid tropical climate. Today, almost all commercial and residential buildings, as well as public transport vehicles, are equipped with air conditioners. While people in Singapore enjoy the cool respite from air conditioners every day, some may take their presence for granted.

Most people don’t think of maintaining their aircon until it starts to show signs of malfunction. For example, they only take notice of their aircon when it starts to make noises or refuses to cool the room. At this stage, they then need to foot the bill for costly aircon repairs to get their aircon up and running again. In the worst-case scenario, they may even have to replace the unit with a new one.

It is crucial to bear in mind that aircons, like any other device, suffer wear and tear as it is used. Due to the nature of its function, it also collects dirt and dust very easily. Thus, to keep the aircon running in optimum condition, it is essential to give it regular servicing. Here are some benefits you will enjoy when you get regular servicing for your aircon:

Save costs

Aircon servicing is typically priced relatively affordably, compared to hefty repair fees. Although it may seem as if this spending on maintenance services is unnecessary, it can save you more in the long run. For companies in Singapore, an aircon servicing package brings the price even lower for regular servicing. When your aircon unit is not serviced for a long time, it can accumulate problems that will require more complex methods to treat in future. For example, an aircon unit that has not been serviced and cleaned for a long time will need a chemical overhaul. One session of aircon chemical overhaul in Singapore is more expensive than the usual servicing. If you want to avoid hefty repair fees, it is best to invest in regular aircon servicing.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Regardless of which aircon servicing company you choose in Singapore, aircon maintenance services usually consist of two main parts: routine cleaning of the aircon, and checking for faults. Cleaning the aircon is very important as you don’t want your device to be churning out dusty or mouldy air that you will have to breathe in. Poor air quality is detrimental to health, so this is something you don’t want happening. Regular aircon maintenance can help you keep your aircon free from excess dust and contaminants so that you always get fresh air to breathe. The professional aircon technician will also advise you on when you need to replace your aircon filter and other parts if they are affecting the performance of the aircon.

Reduce electricity consumption

It is no surprise that the aircon consumes a large amount of energy. However, there are ways to improve the efficiency of your air conditioner so that it can work effectively while using less energy. A clean and well-functioning air conditioner will use less energy, as it does not need to work as hard to filter out dirt and push air through the clogged vents. When you choose to maintain your aircon regularly with aircon servicing, you can enjoy lower a lower electricity bill every month.

For the many benefits of having regular aircon servicing, it is worth it to invest in an aircon servicing package. Typically, these packages include a quarterly servicing, and can be customised for the number of aircon units covered. Also more affordable than getting a one-off servicing done, there’s little reason not to service your aircon regularly.

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