What To Inspect Before Buying Or Renting An Apartment

It might be time for you to move from your current residence into a new one. Or maybe, you are finally getting the chance to possess your very own home.

Getting a new apartment can be very exciting but also challenging. You may have found an apartment that has the space that you need and also fits within your budget.

But there is a lot more to check in any place that you want to rent or buy. These factors need to be looked into before you sign on the dotted line. If you don’t do that, then you may end up spending more money and time to fix the place up.

Some of the things that you need to have a thorough check on include:

Check for pest infestations

The last thing that anyone would want is to live in an apartment that has pests living there already.

There are so many pests that can make your life a nightmare like rats, cockroaches, bedbugs among others. They can destroy your property and even have health hazards.

A close look around the apartment can give you a clue of whether the house is infested. If there are rats in there, then you may find some rat droppings. Check the cupboards to see if there are marks to indicate the existence of bugs and roaches.

Check if the appliances are working

Most apartments come with equipment like the fridge, microwave, and oven. It is likely that the price is inclusive of these home appliances and you should make sure that they are in perfect working condition.

Some houses may even come with air conditioners. However, don’t just leave them to be and make sure to have them checked thoroughly. If there is an issue, particularly a severe one – then you should do aircon servicing. Rather than go for individual services, opt for aircon servicing packages instead – they are sure to do your home well in the long run.

Examine the power outlets

Electricity is essential in every home.

You need to check the wiring of every room. You should turn on and off the lights in every room to confirm whether they are working or not.

Look out for any wires that are hanging or naked. A great way of doing a thorough check is by carrying your phone charger around and trying it on all the outlets. If you find one that is not working, then make a note of it.

Water pressure

Having a low water pressure may be a deal breaker along the way.

Make sure to open the taps in the kitchen and bathrooms; this will show you whether the water is flowing well or not. Remember to flush the toilets too; look at how well the water runs.

While you’re at it, make sure to check the showers – you don’t want to be in a house where you will use droplets.

It may cost you extra, but it is advisable to have an expert check the apartment with you. They may find issues that you may not be able to do so on your own.

Once you have all the assessment, then you can talk to the landlord or seller of the apartment and find the best way forward. If the landlord agrees to fix the issues before you move in, then let them do that first. On the other hand, if they just decide to reduce the amount they are charging you, then you should probably look for an alternative solution to these problems.

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